In a hope this will facilitate mutual understanding and make our cooperation more fruitful:

    BIFIT KRUAZE LIMITED, incorporated in Hong Kong in 2015, is a member of a successful company group that provides financial services and instruments, supplies port equipment, rolled steel, steel pipes, and a whole range of services related to foreign trade in the CIS, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and other countries of the world.

    Our investors and partners are the largest companies in China.
    Today, structured financing of trade and investments in port infrastructure are the Company’s primary business.
    We have the experience to minimize business risks and find optimal solutions for your company’s financing.
    Today, financial awareness is a person’s essential quality.
    What is it? It is the ability to make effective decisions in relation to finances.
    We are not just the best at what we do; we trust in every project we undertake.
    We do believe it is people that matter, not numbers.
    We guarantee that our clients will be provided with financial instruments without appropriate and sufficient collaterals that other banks require, simply because when a loan is granted, there can exist no tangible collateral.
    When deciding on further cooperation, our analysts make emphasis on the investment project itself and its potential revenues.
    Every offer is drawn-up individually for every client.
    We draw financial instruments from a number of foreign banks and non-banking financial institutions at the expense of our existing capacities.
    We do not analyze a client’s application if the client’s solvency is not confirmed.
    The Company provides investment financing by drawing the following financial instruments:
    - (Documentary letter of credit - L/C, DLC)
    - (Stand-by letter of credit - SBLC)
    - (Letter of Guarantee - LG)
    - (Proof of Funds - POF)
    - (Proof of Assets - POA)
    - (Proof of Product - POP)

    We offer our services to

    1. Port infrastructure businesses.
    2. Businesses unwilling to invest their own funds or take a loan to finance their trading operations.
    3. Business that want to increase the capitalization by taking a financial instrument and adding it to the balance sheet.
    4. Businesses and entrepreneurs that import goods from the CIS, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and other countries. The client is offered to pay for such goods by installments within a term agreed by the client and the supplier. Chinese manufacturers usually agree to ship goods with a 60- to 120-day term of installment loan. Normally, banks receive shipping documents and then require a 100% payment before handing them to the client. If our client is allowed by the supplier to pay by installments, our company can hand shipping documents against the client’s obligation to pay for goods within the terms of the letter of credit in the form of a corporate bill. After receiving the goods, the client sells them and settles the loan with the supplier’s bank within the term of installment loan.

    Advantages and Benefits of Financing
    1. Credit, legal, and other risks in relation to foreign trade are reduced by using a letter of credit.
    2. Clients can get financing for the current foreign trade operations and long-term projects.
    3. The term of deferment/installment loan for such operations can be up to twelve (12) months.
    4. On average, trade financing rates are lower than “classic loan” interest rates.

    Advantages of Trade Financing by the Importer
    1. One can get loan funds at a lower price compared to conventional bank loans thank to attracting cheaper credit resources from foreign financial institutions.
    2. Circulating assets are saved.
    3. One can purchase more importable goods and develop their business.
    4. Financing terms become longer when purchasing capital goods (equipment, etc.).
    5. One can take advantage of related documental instruments (first of all, settlements by letters of credit).

    Advantages of Trade Financing by the Exporter
    1. A significantly lower cost of credit resources as compared to conventional bank loans thanks to attracting cheaper financial assets from foreign financial institutions.
    2. Circulating assets are saved.
    3. Granted loans can be repaid at the expense of export proceeds.
    4. One can expand their market presence and increase sales.
    5. One becomes stronger and more competitive.

    Terms of Importer Financing
    1. Minimum sum is 500,000 EUR or USD
    2. The shipment quantity is 20FT, 40FT, 40HQ
    3. Terms of delivery: FOB, DAF, CIF, EXW
    4. Maximum term of installment loan (to pay for the goods) is 180 days
    5. Maximum term of installment loan (to pay for equipment and production lines) is 360 days
    6. Financial instrument drawn equals 100% of the price per the Pro Forma Invoice (the Agreeement)
    7. Payment procedure: on the agreed schedule
    8. Security: financial instruments; shipped goods; business owners’ surety is mandatory
    9. Financial instrument: (Documentary letter of credit - L/C)
    10. The fee for the issue of the financial instrument is calculated individually for every client; its sum depends on the bank category and the nominal value of such instruments; the currency of the fee is determined based on the financial instrument currency.